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Original antique magazine dated 1894; a Victorian society magazine with regular features on theatre, music hall, the stage, actors and actresses, art, sports and leisure; with a high image and photograhic content.

The Sketch a Victorian Society Magazine DECIMA MOORE Theatrical MUSIC HALL Kitty Savile-Clarke BERTILLON SYSTEM Sport STAGE



Original Victorian Magazine

Dated 1894

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Miss Kate Savile-Clarke - full page (fp) frontispiece photograph by Mr A. Bassano of Old Bond Street, W. Info. Kate aka Kitty.

Dr. Todhunter - info. John Todhunter was an Irish poet and playwright.

Fp with contents and adverts incl: Floriline for Teeth; Leveson's Invalid Chjairs, Carriages and Prams - etc.

Miss Florence Farr - Producer of A Comedy of Sighs.

Poster Designed By Mr Aubrey Beardsley - for the Avenue Theatre.

George Egerton, Author of Keynotes - a photograph of aka Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright Clairmonte.

Sir Humphrey F. De Trafford - horse breeder.

Last Weeks Paris: Anarchists at the Madelaine; The Navy and Army at The Moulin Rouge - full page sketch by Villdebois.

The Oxford and Cambridge University Sports: The Long Jump - Throwing the Hammer - The Long Jump - FInish of the Three Miles Race reive - The Long Jump - Lutyens, Cambridge Winning the Mile miel Race - E. D. Stanwick, Oxford, Winning the High Jump, 5ft 7in - Finish of the Quarter Mile Race - fp showing x8photos.

Identification of Criminals: The Bertillon System Applied to Soldiers - x 2 engravings. Also mention in the accompanying article of Mr Galtons method of taking a portrait of the fingertip.

The New Boy at Terrys Theatre: Mr Weedon Grossmith - Miss Gladys Homfrey - Mr Beveridge - Mr Beauchamp - Miss Homfrey - Miss Esme Beringer - Mr Beauchamp - on four poses on a full page; photos by Messrs Hills and Saunder, Sloane St, SW.

Three more scenes from The New Boy at Terrys Theatre - with Mr Douglas - Miss May Palfrey - Mr Grossmith - Mr Beauchamp etc.

Miss Palfrey.

Mr Sydney Warden and Miss Palfrey.

Miss Adelaide Astor - in a skirt dance outfit; photo by Martin and Sallnow, Strand, WC. Info. real name Elizabeth Rudge; younger sister of Letty Lind.

Ronald Allen with Fathers Hat On - the son of William Allan the MP for Gateshead.

Centrepiece Presented to Officers Mess 1st Battalion Suffolk Regiment.

Miss Decima Moore in Her Bathing Costume.

Miss Decima Moore in A Gaiety Girl - full page showing her in a skirt dancing style outfit; photo by Alfred Ellis, Upper Baker St, NW.

Three sketches by Luna for A Novel in a Nutshell.

Mr Lionel Brough As Tony Lumpkin in She Stoops to Conquer - - Lionel Brough in The Montebanks - - As Bob Acres sketched by Phil May - - As The Beadle in Nell Gwynne, small sketch by Phil May - - In The Paper Chase.

Illustration drawn by R. Taylor to accompany the page entitled The Book and Its Story; Mr Thomas Hardys New Volume.

A Muse to the Music Hall - an engraving from an old print.

Miss Henrietta Rae (Mrs E. Normand) - photo by H. T. Reed, London.

The Hanging Committee of the Last Liverpool Exhibition: Mr and Mrs E Normand, Mr Rathbone, Mr David Murray and Mr John Lea, Mr J. Miles, Mr C. Dyall, Mr a. Frazer, Mr J. Towers - photo by Robinson and Thompson, Liverpool.


Mariana - Painting by Henrietta Rae.

La Gigale - From a Painting by Henrietta Rae - Full page.

Sensibility a Painting by George Romney - fp.

Art Notes The Portage by F. A. Verner - - Indian Signal by F. A. Verner.

Sleeping Beauty by Alfred Morgan - a cat asleep in a basket.

La Richesse de la France: Ceux Qui Ne Se Mettent Pas En Greve - by E. G. Buland.

Corner of The Jumma Musjid Agra by John Varley at the Japanese Gallery.

After Fishing: First Come, First Rest by A. Besnon - - Portrait of Dermott MCalmont by Mouat Loudan - - The Flight loght into Egypt by A. P. Roll.

The Light Side of NAture - a comedy sketch by Phil May showing ladies in hatsI dont care for them 'ats, 'Arriet; everybodys a-wearin of em.

The Maid in The Moon - fp drawn by Dudley Hardy.

At The Bottom of The Deep Blue Sea by Edw. Wilson.

Full page of adverts.

Don Carlos from a photograph by G. Magrini, Viareggio.

Princess Bertha of Rohan The Fiancee of Don Carlos - from a photograph by Adele, Vienna.

Fp of adverts inclL Players Cigarettes; Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Jewellers; Swan Fountain Pen - etc.

Cynicus Mr Martin Anderson - from a drawing by Alik P. F. Ritchie (Alexander Penrose Forbes Ritchie).

The Water Nymph drawn by Cynicus - comical sketch showing a monk fishing when up pops a water nymph - info. Martin Anderson, aka Cynicus, was a Scottish was a Scottish artist, political cartoonist, postcard illustrator, and publisher.

Plus two smaller engravings from drawings by Cynicus.

Brooke's Soap Monkey Brand - fp advert.

Ladies Page, Fashion - dresses of Miss Letty Lind and Miss jessie Bond; plus two styles of fans and gloves.

Fp of adverts:Eton Suits from Peter Robinson; London Glove Co; Satin Polish; Benson's Lady's Keyless Lever Watch - etc.

Fp of adverts: Aspinall's Enamel (Chameleon sitting on a brush, holding a tin); Hinde's Pyr Point Hair Pin half page (hp); etc.

Fp showing x2 adverts: Ellimans for Steeple Chasers on hp drawn by George Sturgess - Bovril, hp.

Use of the Arc Light for Stage Effects The Spider and the Fly; small engraving.

Mr G. Joyce the Captain of Croydon Rugby Football Team - photo by Lord of Cambridge; small article states he was born at Kenley in 1870.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Miss Florence Farr the Producer of A Comedy of Sighs - an interview.

An interview with Dr John Todhunter at his home Orchardcroft in Bedford Park - fp by K.H.

An interview with Miss Florence Farr the Producer of A Comedy of Sighs at the Avenue Theatre.

United Kingdom Tea Company - fp advert.

The Author of Keynotes George Egerton - aka Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright.

Racing Notes by Captain Coe.

The Identification of Criminals - with ref. to M. Bertillon - Mr Galton - early fingerprinting - photographing criminals.

Miss Gladys Homfrey as Mrs Rennick in "The New Boy".

Miss May palfrey by "Monocle".

Badminton Echoes by Bugle.

Miss Adelaide Astor by Bohemian.

A novel in a Nutshell A Woman With a Fortune by Adeline Sergeant - short story.

A Chat With Mister Lionel Brough.

A Lent Lament - peom from The New York Recorder.

The Book and Its Story - MR Thoma Hardys New Volume Lifes Little Ironies - by O. O. aka Robertson Nicoll.

A Modest Mans View - poem by H. A. L.

Chat with Mrs Ernest Normand - Henrietta Rae.

The Muse of the Music Hall.

West Country Superstition.

The Modern Masqueraders - in a play type format - by C. S. C.

A School for Waitresses; A New York School started by a Mrs Amory.

Don Carlos at home.

Tableaux Vivants at the Palace Theatre - A Glimpse Behind the scenes.

Cynicus at His Shop - a visit to the artists studio in Drury Lane - by J. M.


Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller.

The World of Sport - Football, Rugby etc.

The Whitechapel Royal Academy.

sleekburnc. 2803


The Sketch was a British illustrated weekly newspaper with a high photographic content, published between February 1893 and June 1959, by the Illustrated London News Company. It was primarily a Victorian society magazine with regular features on royalty and the aristocracy, theatre, sports and arts.

Twenty seven pages (54 sides). It measures 360 x 250 mm (14.25 x 9.75 "). The orig. advertising wrap/cover is missing. The front page (frontispiece) is intact. The spine is loose with binding witness marks where once bound. There is some age yellowing with some spotting. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The engravings vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there is one page missing, so if you're looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Sketch carry on from the previous issue and therefore do not start at number 1. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent Royal Mail Small Parcels. IMPORTANT This postal service does not include tracking. If tracking is required please contact me for prices. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the printed text.

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