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Antique Map London STREET PLAN: Hendon BRENT Golders Green THE HYDE Victorian


Hendon, The Hyde, Brent Reservoir etc.

This very rare small map/street plan features local streets, churches, houses, farm, railway stations, places of work and general places of interest. The list that follows is not necessarily exhaustive so if you are indeed looking for a particular street or house, rather than just interested in the area, feel free to confirm its presence with us.

The Map shows:

Edgware Rd, CollinDeep Lane, Hyde Cottage, Silk Stream, Ancient Street, Hendon, Grove House,Church End Farm, Ravensfield House, Chapel, Langton Lodge, Church Lane, MielSt, Ingo Or Inco Street, Schools, Parsons Street Vicarage, John Street, FinchleyLane, Arkley House, Brent Villas, Victoria Road, Strathinton ? House, Blind Lane, Finchley Bridge, Hendon Lane, Mutton Brook, Finchley Rd, Grove Wood, Decoy Farm.

Decoy Wood, Decoy House, Green Lane, Bell Lane, Hendon House, Brent Street, BrentLodge, Brent Green, Foster House, New Brent Court, School, The Burroughs, St Stephens Home, St Georges Mission, Paddock Farm, Butchers Lane, Dial House, HowardHouse, Burroughs Farm, Hyde, Hyde Farm, Manor Farm, Rookery Farm, Cowleaze House, Watling Street, Springfield House, School Chapel, Kings Arms Off Watling St, Red Lion Off Kingsbury Lane, Reive House, Hyde Lodge, Hyde House, Rise Farm, Silk Bridge, Hendon Station, Borthwick Road, Herbert Road, Wilberforce Road,Algernon Road, Burroughs Lane.

The Hawes, Gooseberry Gardens, Upper Gutterhedge Lane, Salisbury Place, Shire Hall, Shire Hall Lane, Brent Bridge House, BridgeHouse, Albert Row, Brook Lodge, Alba Lodge, Temple Fortune, Royal Oak, Finchley Road, Reive Rd, The Elms, Stilton Lodge, Gloucester Lodge, Grove Cottage, Grove House ,Golders Lodge, The Oaks, Renters Farm.

Gutterhedge Lane, Ravenstone Rd, BorthwickRd, Telford Road, Pollard Road, Milton Road, Stanley Road, Miel St, Upper WelshHarp, Welsh Harp Station, The Welsh Harp, Cool Oak Lane, The Woodfield House, BrentReservoir, Edgeware Road, Brent Bridge, Gas Works, Renters Lane, Golders Green Or Hodford Farm, Rifle Butts, Clitterhouse Or Chitterhouse Farm, Oxgate Farm, Oxgate,Willesden Paddocks.

And much more.

If you were looking at a modern day map, much of the areas covered would be:York Park, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Woodfield Park, Clarefield Park and Estate, Clitterhouse Road and Estate, Shirehall Park Rd area, Golders Green area, Prothero Gardens, The Burroughs and Finchley Lane area near Middlesex University London NW4 etc.

PROVENANCE: Philips Handy Volume Atlas of London. Publisher: George Philip and Son, 32 Fleet St. EC. London, and Liverpool, 45-51 South Castle Street. Published: London 1891.
A photocopy of the maps provenance can be emailed on receipt of payment if requested.


It is suitable for framing; has a blank reverse, and measures approximately 210 x 175mm (8.25 x 6.75 INCHES) overall, with an as published fold. It originally would have been in an atlas, edge mounted so as to avoid damage to the map, and not stapled.It is in generally good condition anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. This item will be packaged in a protective plastic sleeve inside a flat board backed envelope

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