1891 Map LONDON Street Plan BROMLEY Plaistow FARWIG Sundridge RARE Philips First Edition

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A rare 1891 LONDON STREET PLAN. A small antique map showing PLAISTOW New Bromley SUNDRIDGE PARK Farwig LOGSHILL WOOD Railway Stations etc. From the first edition Philips Handy Volume Atlas of London.

Rare LONDON STREET PLAN 1891 Antique Map PLAISTOW New Bromley SUNDRIDGE PARK Farwig LOGSHILL WOOD Railway Stations


An original 1891 Street Plan
Titled on reverse: STREET PLAN OF LONDON - Bromley, Plaistow &c

This small rare map/street plan features local streets, churches, houses, farms, railway stations, and general places of interest.The areas covered include Plaistow - Farwig - Bromley - New Bromley and Widmore. With all the local streets named, it features streets, houses, parks and places of local interest such as:

Grove Park Station - Crown Wood - Burnt Ash Lane - Durham Hill Lane - Gipsy Lane - Southend Cottage - Lodge off Bromley Road - Holloway Farm - Hall Farm - Milk St - Tandys - Garden Wood - High Grove - Elmstad - Rock Pit Wood - Sundridge Park - Chalk Pit - Logshillwood - Boat House - Park Wood - Hollow Bottom - Plaistow Station - Cambridge road - Plaistow Lane - Alma Grove - Crescent Road - Plaistow Lodge - Warner Road - Oaklands - Bromley Hill Wood - Bromley Hill House - Down Bridge Road - Reive Gr - Oakwood - Beckenham Lane - Shortlands - Shortlands Station - Bromley Hill - High Street - College off Bromley Hill and Tweedy Road - West Street - Miel - Bromley Station - Farwig Lane - Palace Crescent - Palace Road - East Street - Park road - Freelands Road - Widmore Lane - Widmore Cottage - Freelands - Sundridge Park Farm - Bromley Palace Farm - Beechfield - Shawfield - and more.

The above list is not necessarily exhaustive so if you are indeed looking for a particular street or house, rather than just interested in the area, feel free to confirm its presence with us.

PROVENANCE: From a first edition Philips Handy Volume Atlas of London.  Publisher: George Philip and Son, 32 Fleet St. EC. London, and Liverpool, 45-51 South Castle Street. Published: London 1891.

If requested a photocopy of the provenance can be emailed on receipt of payment of the map.


It has a blank reverse, and measures approximately 210 x 175mm (8.25 x 6.75") overall, with an as published fold to the centre (it originally would have been in an atlas, edge mounted so as to avoid damage to the map, and not stapled). Our watermark does not appear on the actual map. It is in good condition. There is slight bleedthrough of print from the title on reverse. This item will be packaged in a protective plastic sleeve inside a flat board backed envelope. Please contact if any other information is required.

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