Original Victorian County Map



A circa 1883 County Map




Subtitled: North Sheet - Reduced from the Ordnance Survey Divided into 5 Mile Squares.


There is a reference plate to the Parliamentary Divisions which include: Mid - Southern Divisions Northampton Borough and Peterborough Borough.


Some of the houses, farms and places of interest named on the map include:

Northam House - Speechleys Drove - Black Bull - Milking Nook - Peakirk Moor all near Eye.
Thorpe Hall - Northey House - Eye Green - Mucklands Wood near Peterborough.
Upton Lodge - Sibberton Lodge - Wittering Mill - Cox Hole - Miel G. - Eastern Heth Farm - Crabtree corner - Burghley House near Thornhaugh.
Apethorpe Lodge - Spa Lodge - Hay Lodge - Hark Lodge - Walcot Lodge - Halefield Lodge - Stonepit Lodge - all near Fotheringay.

Probost Lodge - Catterstock Lodge - Patrick Lodge - Warmington Lodge - Whitestone Lodge - Papley Cottage - Polebrook Lodge - Hemmington Lodge - Kingsthorpe Lodge - Barmwell Mill - Stoke Lodge - Oundle Lodge - Clapthorn Pasture - Reive H. - Church Field Lodge all near Oundle.

North Lodge - South Lodge - Long Thong Lodge - Clapton Hill - Old Winkle Lodge - Skulking Dudley - Denford Lodge - Keyston Lodge - Cotton Mill - Woodford Plantation- Woodford Lodge - Union House all near Thrapstone.

Shepherds Lodge - Bass's Barn - Caldicott Plantation - Higham Park - Bencroft Farm - Knuston Hall - Irthling Borough Lodge - all near Higham Ferries.

Round House - Addignton Lodge - Wold Lodge - Woodford Lodge - all near Great Addignton - Luscotes Lodge - Blackthorne Lodge - Dene Thorpe Lodge - Newland Lodge - near Great Weldon.

Hollow Bottom - Laxton Hall - Laxton Lodge - Assant or Assart Farm - all near Kingscliffe.
Truons Lodge - Harringworth Lodge - near Rockingham.

Provenance: Edited and Published by George W. Bacon FRGS., Agent by Appointment for the Ordnance Maps, 127 Strand. London c1883.


PLEASE NOTE: Should you be looking for a particular farm, public house or similar - please feel free to ask (give us a nearby large town to work from).

It measures 450 x 300mm (18 x 12.00") approx. plus borders, with an as published original fold. It originally would have been in an atlas, edge mounted so as to avoid damage to the map, and not stapled. It is suitable for framing. There is a little age yellowing. This item will be packaged in a tube. The complete map is not shown on the scan.

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