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Original Victorian City Street Plan of LIVERPOOL NORTH


Map type: City Plan
Date: 1883
Title: Plan of Liverpool
Size overall: 515x345mm (20.25x13.5inches).
Provenance: Edited and Published by George W. Bacon FRGS., Agent by Appointment for the Ordnance Maps, 127 Strand. London c1883.

If you are looking for a particular street, house, farm or place, please ask us to verify its' presence before buying. We have listed all the streets mentioned in the index visible on the map, but there may well be more. Some of the houses, streets, docks and places of interest etc include:

Docks: Princes Half Tide - Corn - Waterloo - Clarence - Salisbury - Collingwood - Nelson - Bramley Moore - Wellington - Sandon - Huskisson - Canada.

Wards named: Kirkdale - Scotland - Everton - St Annes Street Ward - Vauxhall.

Parks: Stanley Park Walton on the Hill - Sheil Park.

Anfield Cottage, River View, Walton Priory, Ashes Farm, Lower Breck House, Sycamore House, Willow Cottage, Willow Bank Farm, Mulberry Cottage, Cabbage Hall Inn, Richmond Cottage, Rock Cottage, Fairfield Cottage, Kensington Lodge, Northern Hospital, Sleepers Hill, Spring Bank Cottage

Abbot Street, Aber Street, Adelaide Street, Adlington Street, Albion Street, Alma Street, Anderson Street, Anfield Park Cemetery, Anfield Rd, Amos Street Arkles Lane, Arkwright Street, Arley Street, Arlington Street, Ascot Street, Ashfield Street, Aspinal Street, Athol Street, Aubney Street, Aughton Street

Back Brunswick Road, Bank Hall Street, Barmouth Street, Barry Street, Barton Street, Beacon Street, Bean Street, Beaumaris Street, Beckett Street, Ben Johnson Street, Benledi Street, Bentinck Street, Beresford Street, Berwick Street, Bevington Hill, Bispham Street, Blackstock Green, Blackstone Street, Blenheim Street, Boale Street, Bond Street, Boundary Street, Bramley Moore Gardens, Brazenose Road, Breckfield Rd North, Breckfield Rd South, Breck Rd, Breck Side Park, Brewster Street, Brock Street, Brunswick Place, Brunswick Road, Brunswick Street Bootle, Buckingham Street, Bulwer Street, Burleigh Street, Burleigh Rd North and South, Burlington Street, Burton St, Bury Street, Bute Street.

Caird Street, Camden Street Bootle, Canada Docks and Basin, Candia Street, Canterbury Street, Carlton Street, Carver Street, Cazeneau Street, Celia Street, Cherry Lane, Chester Rd, China Street, Chisen Hale Street, Christian Street, Church Rd, Circus Street, Clarence Dock, Clifton Road, Cockerell Street, Cockspur Street, Coleridge Street, College Street North, Collingwood Dock, Collingwood Street, Commercial Road, Comus Street, Coningsby Rd, Coniston Street, Conway Street, Conyers Street, Cope Street North, Copeland Street, Copley Street, Corn Dock, Cornwall Street, Cotton Street, Cottenham Street, Cranmer Street, Creswick Street, Creswell Street, Crete Street, Croyland Street, Curate Rd,

Dacre Street, Dawber Street, Dean Rd, Deane Road, Delamore Street, Denison Street, Denman Street, Denston Street, Derby Road, Derby Street, Desmond Street, Dixon Street, Doncaster Street, Doon Street, Dorset Rd, Downing Street, Drake Street, Drayton Street, Dryden Street, Dublin Street, Dundas Street, Dundee Street

Easby Rd, Eastbourne Street, Eastlake Street, Edinburgh Street, Edward Street, Elbow Street, Elcho Street, Eldon Place, Eldon Street, Elias Street, Elmore Street, Elm Park, Elm Rd, Epsom Street, Errington Street, Erskine Street, Evelyn Street, Everton Brow, Everton Road, Everton Valley, Everton Village.

Falkland Street, Falstaff Street, Faraday Street, Farnworth Street, Fielding Street, Field Street, Fitzroy Street, Flinder Street, Fontenoy Street, Fonthill Road, Formby Street, Forth Street, Foster Street, Fountains Rd, Fountains Street, Fowler Street, Fox Street, Freeland Street, Friar Street, Furness Street

Galton Street, Gandy Street, Gascoyne Street, Geneva Road, Georges Rd, Gerald Street, Gerard Street, Gibraltar Row, Gildhart Street, Gilead Street, Globe Street, Gloucester Road, Goldsmith Street, Gordon Street, Grasmere Street, Great Mersey Street, Great Howard Street, Great Oxford St. North, Great Homer Street, Great Nelson Street North, Great Richmond Street, Great Crosshall Street, Greenwood Street, Grey Rock Street, Grosvenor Street, Grundy Street, Gilford Street,

Hamilton Road, Hampstead Road , Hankin Street, Harcourt Street, Harewood Street, Hawkshaw Road, Hawk Road, Hawthorne Road, Hedley Street, Hefingham Street, Hermia Street, Heyworth Street, Highfield Street, Hodder Street, Holly Street, Holmes Street, Hook Street, Hopwood Street, Horatio Street, Hornby Street, Houlgrave Street, Howe Street, Howe Street Regent Rd, Howley Street, Humber Street, Hunt Street, Hunter street, Huntley Road, Huskisson Docks


Jasmine Street, John Street, Johnson Street, Jubilee Street, Juliet Street, Juvenal Street

Kemble Street, Kilshaw Street, Kirkdale Road, Kirkdale Street, Kirkstall Street

Lambeth Road, Lancaster Street, Landseer Street, Lanes Street, Langham Street, Langsdale Street, Larch Sea, Latham Street, Latimer Street, Laurel Rd, Lavan Street, Lawrence Street, Leadenhall Street, , Leeds Street, Lemon Street, Leven Street, Lightbody Street, Lilly Road, Lloyd Street, Lockerby Road, Lothair Rd, Louisa Street, Louis Street, Low Hill, Lune Street, Luther Street, Luton Grove, Luton Street, Lyden Street, Lydia Ann Street, Lyell Street, Lyons Street, Lynedock Street

Macbeth Street, Mackenzie Street, Maguire Street, Major Street, Mansfield Street, Marine Parade, Marlborough Street, Marybone Street, Meaburn Street, Medlock Street, Miel, Mela Street, Melbourne Street, Menai Street, Mere Street, Milford Street, Mill Rd, Milton Street, Miners Street, Minto Street, Mitylene Street, Moira Street, Monk Street, Moreland Street, Moss Street

Naylor Street, Necropolis, Nelson Dock, Neptune Street, Netherfield Road North and South, Netley Street, New Park, New Quay, Newsham Park, Nith Street, Northumberland Terrace, Norwood Grove

Oakfield, Olivia Street, Onslow Road, Opie Street, Oriel Street and Road, Orient Street, Orlando Street, Orwell Rd, Orwell street, Othello Street Paisley Street, Paul Street, Pembroke Road, Penryn Street, Penton Street, Perth Street, Phillip's Street, Pickup Street, Plumbe Street, Poplar Street, Portia Street, Portland Street, Premier Street, Prescot Road, Prince Edwin Street, Princes Terrace, Priory Grove, Priory Street, Prospect Vale, Pugin Street, Pump Fields

Queen Anne Street, Queen's Road, Reading Street, Redfern Street, Redrock Street, Reive, Regent Road and Street, Rendal Street, Ribble Street, Ridley Street, Rindal Street, Rishton street, Robert Street North, Robson Street, Rockfield Rd, Rockingham Street, Rockley Street, Romeo Street, Romilly Street, Rosalind Street, Roscommon Street, Rose Hill, Rose Place, Rose Street, Rothwell Street, Rousfield Street, Royal Street, Rufford Road, Rumney Road, Ruskin Street, Rutland Street, Rydal Street

St Anne Street, St Domingo Grove, St Domingo Vale, St Johns Road, St Marys Cemetery, St Georges Hill, St Hilda Street, St Domingo Rd, Salisbury Dock, Salisbury street, Salop Street, Saltney Street, Samuel Street, Sandon Dock, Sandhills Lane, Sawney Pope Street, Scotland Rd, Scotland Place, Scott Street, Selwyn Street, Seaton Street, Seldon Street, session Rd, Shaw Street, Shell Park Street, Shell Rd, Sherwood Street, Sibyl Rd. Slade Street, Slate Street, Smollett Street, Soho Street and Square, Spencer Street, Springfield Street, Stafford Street, Standish Street, Stanley Dock, Stanley Park, Stanley Road, Steers Street, Sterne Street, Stone Street, Stonewall Street, Stour Street, Stuart Street, Summer Seat, Swiss Road,

, Talbot Street, Talesin Street, Tancred Rd, Tarleton Street, Tatlock Street, Taylor Street, Tetlow Street, Tenterden Street, Teuton Street, Thackeray Street, Theodore Street, Thirlmere Road, Tillard Street, Tintern Street, Titchfield Street, Torbock Street, Townsend Street, Towson Street, Trafalgar Dock, Trent Street, Tweed Street, Tyne Street

Ullswater Street, Upper Baker Street, Upper Bean Street, Upper Birkett Street

Vandres Street, Vauxhall Rd, Venmore Street, Vicar Rd, Victoria Road, Victoria Dock, Vienna Street, Viola Street, Virgil Street, Vulcan Street

Walker Street, Walter Street, Walton Rd, Walton Station, Walton Lane, Walton Breck Rd, Warwick Street, Waterhouse Street, Waterloo Rd, Waterloo Dock, Wellington Dock, Wentworth Street, Westminster Rd, West Bourne Street, West Derby Road, Whitefield Rd, White Rock Street, Wightman Street, Wilbraham Street, William Moult Street, William Henry Street, Willows The, Windermere Street, Wolsey Street, Woodville Terrace, Wulstan Street, Wykeham Street,

Zante Street, Zetland Street.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you be looking for a particular street, house etc. - please feel free to ask (give us a nearby location to work from).

This is an original Victorian map from the date stated an not a later reproduction

It measures 470 x 305mm (18.5 x 12") approx. plus borders, with an as published fold, on blank backed paper/card (it originally would have been in an atlas, edge mounted so as to avoid damage to the map, and not stapled). Because the maps Liverpool North (this one) and Liverpool South were published on two separate sheets 80/81 the index is incomplete (CtoF only). This particular one has been cropped very close to the bottom edge and will require an edge strip securing to it before framing. . There is a small barely visible tear to the bottom repaired on the reverse. There may be small marks and signs of handling, anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent Royal Mail Small Parcels.

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