1880 VOLCANO Dykes Stromboli Vesuvius Punto Di Guimento ANTIQUE PRINT From Engraving

Product code: 15 (JAN 14)
This listing is for a circa 1880 print from engraving, from the dated stated and not a later reproduction .



A print from engraving showing:

Tuff Penetrated by Dykes - Stromboli x2

Dykes at the Base of the Serre del Soltizio, Etna

Dykes of Lava - Punto di Giumento

Dykes of Monte Somma - Vesuvius

Provenance: The National Encyclopaedia - Publisher William Mackenzie, 22 Paternoster Row, London; Howard St. Glasgow; and South Bridge, Edinburgh c1880

This series of encyclopaedias were first published between c1868, through to the 1880's and beyond.

It measures overall 240mm x 155 mm (9.25 x 6inches) approximately. There is a little age yellowing but otherwise in a good, clean condition. It has a blank reverse. This item will be shipped in a board backed envelope, and protected inside that envelope by a plastic sleeve. Info. The term " original print" is a pictorial image made in a manner which allows it to be multiplied, and originating from the date stated. This includes examples of various methods of printmaking including engravings, etchings, woodcut, lithograph etc. Many prints/maps inevitably would have been originally bound in a book at some time as was this one.

Product Code 15 (JAN 14)