1880 BURNHAM BEECHES Monkey Tree Ancient Woodland ANTIQUE PRINT from Engraving

Antique Print.

This listing is for a circa 1880 print from wood engraving, from the dated stated and not a later reproduction. A page from a series of engravings in Picturesque Europe, published by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. This is from the original volumes first printed between 1876 and the early 1880's. Most of the images were engraved by Whymper but other engravers were used.


The Monkey Tree, Burnham Beeches
From the work by artist William Henry James Boot (b.1848 - d.1918), and engraved by Josiah Wood Whymper (b.1813 - d.1903) Keenlyside

One of the weird and wonderful trees which once stood in the ancient woodlands of Burnham Beeches. A young lad with a lamp approaching the tree at night. Burnham Beeches is an ancient woodland or forest, near Farnham Common, Burnham and Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshire. There is text above and below, but this can be matted out during the framing process.

There is another engraving on the reverse within text entitled Giant Oak, near Cranbourne Tower in Windsor Great Park from the work by W. H. Boot.


There is text on both sides. The overall page measures 320 x 225 mm (12.25 x 9 inches) approximately, and is suitable for framing. It is printed on good quality paper. There is a little age yellowing which is a feature of items of great age. There is a little bleed-through of print from the reverse - please check the larger picture for condition. This item will be shipped flat in a board backed envelope.
Condition Used