1880 Antique Print MARINE STEAM VESSEL ENGINE Diagram with Text

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Original Victorian Engraved Diagram MARINE ENGINE with Original Explanatory Text

Circa 1880 print from engraving


STEAM VESSEL - Triple Expansive Marine Engine

A wonderful diagram showing various parts; ie cylinders, valves, pistons, pumps, etc. It comes with some original related (on separate page) explanatory text consisting of 2pages (4 sides). It also covers steam vessels in general mentioning Professor Woodcroft - Dr Papin - Blasco de Garay - Jonathan Hulls - boulton and Watt - Reive - Daniel Bernoulli - Marquis de Jouffroy - American Fulton - Inman Line - Padler Steamer Scotia - Screw SteamerCity of Glasgow - and much more approx 4500words. c.keenlyside.

Provenance: From The National Encyclopaedia - A Dictionary of Universal Knowledgeby Writers of Eminence in Literature, Science and Art - Publisher William Mackenzie, 69 Ludgate Hill, London; Glasgow and Edinburgh c1880.

This series of encyclopaedias were first published between c1860, through to the 1880's.


Suitable for framing. It measures overall 310mmx240 mm ( 12.25 x 9.25 " ) approx. There is an as published fold to the centre. There is a little age yellowing but otherwise in reasonable condition. It has a blank reverse. This item will be shipped in a board backed envelope, and protected inside that envelope by a plastic sleeve.

Info. in the description relates to my research and not necessarily what is printed on the engraving, as many species/objects etc were reclassified/renamed in modern times.

Our use of the term " original print" is a pictorial image made in a manner which allows it to be multiplied, and originating from the date stated; this includes examples of various methods of printmaking including steel, copper and wood engravings, etchings, woodcuts, lithographs etc. Many prints/maps would have been originally bound in a book at some time as was this one.

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Product Code B11
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