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COLLISION OFF FOLKESTONE German Ironclads Konig Wilhelm and Grosser Kurfurst KAFFIR WAR SOUTH AFRICA Japanese Tea Drinking CONSTANTINOPLE MOSQUE TURKEY Viscount Sandon, Dudley Ryder


The Illustrated London News

DATED 1878

An Original Weekly Newspaper: 12 pages (24 sides)


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. engravings from sketches, drawings etc. (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

The Collision off Folkestone Between two German Ironclads: The Konig Wilhelm, Showing the Damage to Her Bows - full page (fp) front cover from drawing by W. H. Overend.

Sketches of the Kaffir War by Our Special Artist (Mr Melton Prior) - 2 half page (hp) illustrations entitled: Fort Fordyce, Near the Waterkloof, Headquarters of the 90th Light Infantry - The Diamond Fields Horse in Action.

Viscount Sandon MP the New President Of The Board Of Trade - hp portrait of Dudley Francis Stuart Ryder.Keenlyside

The First Detachment of Native Troops from India in Suez Roads - near hp.

Barkis is Willin from a drawing by C. J. Staniland - fp showing a scene from Charles Dickens David Copperfield: the Peggotty family of Yarmouth, outside their queer cabin formed of an old boat; with Mr Barkis in a small pony cart with his blushing bride Clara Peggotty etc.

The Paris Exhibition: The Spanish Pavilion - fp.

Entrance to a Mosque at Constantinople: The Letter Writer - fp showing a letter writer and a young veiled woman; a barber shaving a man; and a man standing at the door with a rosary beads.

Late Right Rev Dr Gregg Bishop of Cork

Late George William Lovell - Secretary of the Phoenix Fire Office, and Writer.

Late Duchess of Argyll, Elizabeth Georgiana Campbell.

The Paris Exhibition: Officers of the British Commission, in The Trocadero Park - hp.

Full page devoted to the collision of two German ironclads (ships) showing a plan of the events, and three sketches: - The Damaged Konig Wilhelm in dock at Portsmouth - The Squadron Shortly Before the Collision (vessels mentioned include Preussen, Grosser Kurfurst, Konig Wilhelm, Barque) - The Grosser Kurfurst Sinking, Sketched from the Beach at Sandgate.

Paris Exhibition: Exterior of Japanese House in the Trocadero Park - fp.

Paris Exhib: Interior of Japanese House in the Trocadero Park - fp showing a man in European attire pouring tea for a man in Japanese attire who is sitting on a carpet; various ornaments, fans etc. and furnishings.

Chess problem by J. G. Finch.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The Illustrated London News Editorial.

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings with mention of Albert Edward Prince of Wales - Alexandra Princess of Wales - Queen Victoria - Princess Beatrice - Major General Lord Charles Fitzroy - Lt. General CUstance - Prince of Wales dines with Earl of Wilton in Grosvenor Sq - Princess Christian - Empress Eugenie Prince Louis Napoleon - Right Hon. Mr and Mrs Goschen - Mdlle Perpigna - Prince Waldemar of Prussia - Princess Sophia and Margaret - etc.

Universities and Public Schools

Births, Marriages and Deaths (short announcements)

The Kaffir War with mention of Captain M'Naughton - Corporal M'Cabe - troopers Davis and France -- Fingoes - Ngubo - Fort Fordyce - Waterkloof - West Griqua Land - Lt. Col. Warren RE.

Various snippets of news (short) with mention of Establishment of Volunteer Corps of Torpedo Operators - North Shields - Jarrow - Lt. Francis Ingram Palmer RN - Lt. Col. C. M. Palmer MP - Dr G. J. Allman - Caterham Congregational Church - Mr W. G> Soper - Samuel Morley MP - Mr J. Kemp-Welch JP.

The Native Indian Troops with mentio of British Indian Steam Navigation Co. Admiral Willoughby - Suez Roads - Screw Steamer Goa.

Life boat services, mentioning the Clacton on Sea boat Albert Edward.

Strike of the 1200 winders weavers and warpers in the New Hall factory of John Robertson &Co Glasgow (a paragraph)

A Scene at Constantinople - explanation of the engraving with ref. to Moslem, Islam, Mohammedan, Turkish barber, etc .

The Magazines, several paragraphs with mention of: Daisy Miller by Mr H James, Mr Symonds, Miss Keary's new contribution to Macmillan, a Doubting Heart, M. reive, Mr Matthew Arnold, Dr Tuke , Mr Wilson, Mr Philip Robinson, the story of Adml Tegethoff's naval victory at Lissa told by Mr J. K. Laughton, Mr Grant Duff, S. Miel, Mr Saintsbury's analysis of Charles de Bernard's novels, Mrs Sutherland Orr, Mr R a Proctor, Mr Wilkie Collins, Mr blind on the Vera Sassulich

The Paris Exhibition.Sleekburnc.

The Collision off Folkestone Sinking of a German Ironclad - with mention of Grosser Kurfurst - Mr E. J. Reed MP - Konig Wilhelm - etc.

The Royal Institution Lectures, mentioning: Mr WT Thistleton Dyers concluding lecture on vegetable morphology - Prof Frederik Guthrie on molecular physics and gases - Prof WH Flower on native races of the Pacific - Professor H Morley on Steele.

Metropolitan News with mention of Mr Charles Barry - RI of British Architects - Sir W. J. W. Baynes of East and West India Dock Co. - Royal College of Physcians - Weekly Return of Metropolitan Pauperism - London School of Medicine for Women - London School board - Instiutue of Civil Engineers Mister Bateman FRSS - Mr Joseph Mitchell - Mr P. W. Barlow FRS - W. H. Barlow FRS - Lord Derby, Meeting of the Hospital For Consumption at Brompton - Annual Report and Balance Sheet of Printers Pension Corporation - Annual Meeting o fthe Victoria Philosophical Institute - Earl of Shaftesbury - Princeipal Rigg - Earl Nelson - Picture Sale of late Mr Hugh A. J. Munro at Christies - Bishop of Exeter - London School of Medicine for Wome at 30 Henrietta St, Brunswick Square - Mrs Fawcett - Miss Sophia Jex-Blake - Miss F. H. Prideaux - Miss Isabella Bartholomew - Miss Alice Marston - The Livery Companies etc.

Royal Italian Opera with mention of Mlle Albani - M. Victor Masse - Monsieur de Saite-Croix - M. apoul - Signor Carbone - Messrs Dayes and Caney - Signor Gayarre - etc.

The Theatres.

Obituary of Eminent Persons, including: The Right Honourable Maria Cecilia Countess of Newburgh - The Right Honourable Margaret Murray Baroness Grey of Grey - the Rev Craufurd Tait of Stonehouse St Peters Thanet - Sir Frederick Leopold Arthur died at the United service club - Sir John wither Awdry of Notton house Chippenham - The Right Honourable Russell Gurney - Mr Philip Wykeham Esq of Leeds Castle Kent

Wills and Bequests including mention of: - Peter Richard Hoare - Mrs Ann Andrews of Percy Villa 316 Camden Road Holloway - Mr William Fell of the close of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield - (this following entry is slightly damaged in that a piece of the border of this page is missing making it difficult to discover the person's full identity ) Mr Edward small Hutchinson late of Longworth Herefordshire - the Rev James Currie of West Lavington Sussex - Mr Henry sterry of 21 Hamilton Terrace St John's Wood and number 4 upper Gloucester Place Dorset Square - the honourable John Constantine Stanley of Wimpole Street Cavendish square

Various Classified Adverts.

SleekburnC. 0806

This is an original but USED antique newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition appearing on 14 May 1842.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my reference only. Packaged Wt. 210g. It measures 395 x 290 mm (15.5 x 11.25). The spine is loose with binding witness marks where once bound, there is age yellowing to the pages. There is a supplement which is detached from the rest of paper.No colour unless otherwise stated. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The engravings vary in size. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing (meaning they run in sequence),but if you're looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. There are no colour images unless otherwise stated. The process of the page numbering in The ILN carry on from the previous issue therefore do not start at number 1.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube.

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