1864 BIRDS Leona Common Goat Sucker; Broadbill PRINT FROM ENGRAVING (6)

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1864 print from a series of engraved plates (see provenance) from the dated stated.
This listing is for an 1864 print from a series of engraved plates (see provenance below), from the dated stated and not a later reproduction.
Birds - Caprimulgus. Macrodipteryx Eurylaimus etc

It shows:

Common Goat Sucker - C. Europoeus

E. Javanicus - info. Broadbill

Leona Goat Sucker - M. Longepennis

Provenance: Museum of Natural History; Being an Account etc of The Animal Kingdom by Sir John Richardson, William S. Dallas. T. Spencer Cobbold, William Baird, Adam White Curators etc - Published by William Mackenzie, Howard Street Glasgow and Paternoster Row, London etc


It measures overall 268mm x 180 mm ( 10.5 x 7 " ) approximately, including titled borders. There is a little age yellowing - please check the larger picture for condition. This item will be shipped flat in a board backed envelope, and protected inside that envelope by a plastic sleeve. "Info." in the description refers to my research.

The term " original print" is a pictorial image made in a manner which allows it to be multiplied, and originating from the date stated. This includes examples of various methods of printmaking including engravings, etchings, woodcut, lithograph etc. Many prints/maps inevitably would have been originally bound in a book at some time as was this one.

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Product Code Free List Sept 16 (Apr 14)
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