1836 MOTHS JARDINES China Mark Green Silver Lines Caterpillar PRINT by Lizars

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An original 1836 hand coloured antique print from engraving by William Lizars.

This listing is for an original 1836 hand coloured print from engraving from the date stated.

Moths engraved by William Home Lizars a Scottish engraver and painter. His engravings ranked amongst the finest of the early 19thC. Sir William Jardine Bart of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire (1800-1874), was a Scottish naturalist and editor of The Naturalists Library.

The subjects of this engraving being:

Beautiful China Mark Moth

Green Silver Lines

Scarce Silver Lines

Caterpillar Reive

Provenance: From The Naturalist's Library Conducted By Sir William Jardine - Entomology British Moths, Sphinxes etc - The Natural History of British Moths, Sphinxes &c. by James Duncan M. W. S. - Printed and Published by W. H. Lizars, Edinburgh & London, and Published W. Curry & Co. Dublin. 1836.

It measures 170 x 100mm overall. There is some age yellowing which is a feature of items of great age. There are binding ripple marks to left edge of print. It is on good quality paper with a blank reverse, and is suitable for framing. This item will be shipped flat in a board backed envelope, and protected inside that envelope by a plastic sleeve.



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Product Code 16 (Apr 14)
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