1836 MOTHS Jardines BLACK ARCHES Scarlet Tiger HAND COLOUR PRINT by William Lizars

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1836 hand coloured print from engraving from the date stated and not a later reproduction.
An original 1836 hand coloured print from engraving from the date stated.

Moths engraved by William Home Lizars a Scottish engraver and painter. His engravings ranked amongst the finest of the early 19thC. Sir William Jardine Bart of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire (1800-1874), was a Scottish naturalist and editor of The Naturalists Library.


The subjects of this engraving being:

Black Arches - Male and Female

Scarlet Tiger Moth

Variety of both Reive

Provenance: From The Naturalist's Library Conducted By Sir William Jardine - Entomology British Moths, Sphinxes etc - The Natural History of British Moths, Sphinxes &c. by James Duncan M. W. S. - Printed and Published by W. H. Lizars, Edinburgh & London, and Published W. Curry & Co. Dublin. 1836.


It measures 170 x 100mm overall. There is some age yellowing which is a feature of items of great age. There are binding ripple marks to left edge of print. It is on good quality paper with a blank reverse, and is suitable for framing. This item will be shipped flat in a board backed envelope, and protected inside that envelope by a plastic sleeve.

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Product Code 16 (Apr 14)
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